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End of system activity file unexpected

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

This error “End of system activity file unexpected” usually because there is error on one of the file in /var/log/sa/ To fix this, simply remove ┬áthe last sar log file according current date (sa file and sar file)for example sa08 and sar08 is the latest file. Follow these syntax : cd /var/log/sa cp sa03 sa08cp sar03 sar08 try it running sar for 2 second sar 2 10 it should works, if wont work just let me know.   …

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How To backup and Restore OpenVZ

Monday, July 11th, 2011

…ir) INFO: trying ‘suspend’ mode instead INFO: backup mode: suspend INFO: bandwidth limit: 10240 KB/s INFO: starting first sync /vz/private/102/ to /vz/dump/vzdump-openvz-102-2011_07_11-14_37_06.tmp INFO: Number of files: 82455 INFO: Number of files transferred: 64528 INFO: Total file size: 5040199964 bytes INFO: Total transferred file size: 4855058661 bytes INFO: Literal data: 4855062716 bytes INFO: Matched data: 0 bytes INFO: File li…

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Hidden Files by virus

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Got virus on your flashdisk ? Yes, Removing virus from flashdisk is pretty easy, as long as you have familiar from cleaning virus. If you are working as helpdesk as I did, I know what are the common ways for virus is attacking and what else is effecting. i.e: Viruses maybe changing your folder attribute as hidden and system files. With this attribute , you can not change these attributes because it is system files. To be able to change it, here …

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