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Php Extension on CPanel

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Log into WHM Control panel using root account. Then goto EasyApache (apache update) on Sofware Category on the left sidebar. Now, on the sidebar. Do not directly build the profile configuration, just click next step buttonĀ  or continue with current profile until you come to the last Step. At this step activate for the php extension you want to use, in this case just activate GD, mbstring, mcrypt, gettext. Do not activate for another php extensio…

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Install Php Extension in NGinX

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

By default, nginx is not installing PHP extension such as php-gd, php-mbstring and other. Nginx is using webtatic repo. So, to install any packages in nginx you should add –enablerepo=webtatic in yum parameter, here is the sample to install php-gd and php-mbstring in nginx. yum –enablerepo=webtatic install php-gd php-mbstring   …

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Install Php extension

Friday, August 26th, 2011

After you are done installing nginx, php, and mysql, there are some php extensions you need to be installed, such as php-mbstring, php-mcrypt. # yum –enablerepo=webtatic install php-mbstring # yum –enablerepo=webtatic install php-mcrypt # yum –enablerepo=webtatic install php-gd # service php-fpm restart That’s all needed for php-extension, but if you want to install another extension do as above script but replace the ext…

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